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    Sistem Garansi dari DCS

    1. Product Warranty
    All RouterBOARDs, miniPCIs bought from Digital Cipta Solusindo (DCS) are eligible of 1(one) year limited warranty from factory defect.
    Warranty are void for the following cause of damaged:
    1.1. Damaged caused by Electricity Spike
    1.2. Damaged caused by Lighting
    1.3. Damaged caused by unproportional use, settings and installation.
    1.4. Damaged caused by water drops or circuitry short
    These can be i.e:
    applying/setting transmit power far beyond the default setting, activating wireless radio without connecting to the appropriate antennas, activating wireless radio connected to the wrong frequency antennas

    Products such as wireless accessories: Power Adaptors, Insulators, Passive PoE, and Antennas are eligible of 1(one) week limited warranty.

    2. Policy of Warranty

    2.1. If the product are damaged on the first 3(three) months of warranty, DCS will do an one to one replacement with no question asked, as the stock of the same type of product is available.
    2.2. If the damaged product found to be eligible for the warranty claim after (3) three months of warranty, DCS will do an one to one replacement, as long as the stock of the same type of product is available.

    If the stock is not available at the time of warranty claim, DCS will receive the damaged product first, and the customer have to wait for the arrival of the next shipment of a new product. As soon as the new product of thesame type are available, DCS will replace the damaged one with the new one.

    DCS reserve the right to reject all of the warranty claim from its customers if its found that the products are damaged by causes mentioned on point No.1.1 thru 1.4., with the exception of first 3(three) months of warranty.

    The mentioned Product Warranty and Policy of Warranty above are applicable to all customers of DCS from local Indonesia and international.

    3. Request for RMA
    3.1. Only the customer who purchased the product directly from DCS, have the right to request for RMA.
    3.2. Send email to, with subject “RMA Request”. write your company/customer name in the email.
    3.3. Wait for reply email, which will content the RMA Access Code and URL for you to fill a RMA Form.
    3.4. Fill your RMA Form and submit to us.
    3.5. We will then examine your RMA Form submitted to us.
    3.6. If everything is ok, we will email you a RMA-ID and password, which you will use to log on to our RMA Dept website. Review your RMA Form and confirm it.
    3.7. Print the confirmed RMA Form and send it along with the package of damaged product to Digital Cipta Solusindo.
    3.8. We will notify you by email for the following status:
    - We have received your RMA package
    - We have finished checking/servicing your returned RMA products.
    3.9. You also can check the RMA Status by yourself at our RMA Dept. website . Log on using RMA-ID and password provided respectively.

    ---------- Post added at 15:15 ---------- Previous post was at 15:11 ----------

    Bahasa gampangnya:

    Garansi berlaku selama 1 tahun, dengan sistem one to one replacement, jadi kami akan mengganti dengan barang baru, selama persediaan masih ada.

    Jika stok barang sedang kosong, maka harus menunggu stok masuk.

    Jika barang yang rusak telah dis-continue, maka kami akan mengganti dengan barang sesuai dari MikroTik Latvia.

    Garansi menjadi batal jika kerusakan disebabkan oleh petir, listrik dan kesalahan pengguna ( Bulan ke 4 sampai dengan bulan ke 12)

    Kerusakan karena apapun, akan diganti jika masa garansi dalam 3 bulan pertama. Termasuk kerusakan karena petir dan listrik.

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