If you own an Android based device you will surely have heard of

This is the revered marketplace for all Android applications. Most Android applications are developed by developers using the free Java based platforms available.

As a consequence, Google Play Store has an endless supply of applications which are put up for download, free or for a price, in the different categories. If you are new to Google Play, you might feel overwhelmed at first. If you are still figuring out your way around Google Play store, here are some steps to follow:

Type in Google Play in Google search engine to be directed to the official site
Alternatively, if you are a Google subscriber and use its services like Gmail and others, you will find Google Play easily in your account page
Once you have come onto Google Play you need to sign up to get started
When you already own a Google ID, use the same to log into your Google Play account
The Google Play account can be accessed through any computer browser or on your tablet or smartphone
There are several free apps that are easily downloaded from the Play Store. There are endless apps to choose from among the various categories. Every category will have free and paid apps to choose from. You will find the price or the word “free” mentioned below every app you view. What is more, every app comes with a detailed description as to what to expect, which Android systems will run it and reviews of customers.

If you wish to download free apps from the Google Play store, you need to know which is the best way to search for it. There is a search tab which is located on top of the main page of Google Play

You can add additional applications such as: